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Quebec Program - LI STARS HOCKEY

Quebec Tournament Programs

2009-2010 / Pee-wee’s only 


International Quebec Pee-wee Tournament on February 9-20th, 2022 in Quebec City, Canada.  The Stars will be competing in the AAA and AA divisions. Players will need to register and played in the Stars spring tournament for game evaluation. This is for pee-wee players of birth year 2009 & 2010.  Sign up on www.listarshockey.com

The B.S.R Lévis International pee-wee tournament February 10-20th, 2022 in Lévis, QC Canada. The Stars will now offer the Quebec hockey experience to most pee-wee players of Long Island and metro area. This tournament consist of mostly Canadian and European teams from all over. The Stars will be providing teams in the AAA , AAA-R (2010-09) , AA and BB. 

2022 International Quebec Pee-wee Tournament

(2009-2010 only)

The International Quebec Pee-wee Tournament will be held in February 2022 in Quebec City, Canada for the Pee-wee birth year of 2009 & 2010. This Stars program has been such a great experience for players in the last 7 years, so the LI Stars organization are back with their second team that will compete in the AA division. This is an awesome opportunity for more pee-wee’s to play hockey and experience the beautiful city of Quebec as well. Our team is the only one on Long Island competing in the top AAA and AA divisions in Quebec and we are inviting all pee-wee players from our metro area to compete for a roster spot on our Stars team. The team will be builded of 17 players and 2 goalies to represent the LI Stars in Quebec.

Our Pre-Registration form for Quebec is already on our website so sign up now and stay in touch for updated news as we fallow the CDC and NY State guidelines on moving forward to our Q tryout dates.

      The Quebec International Pee-Wee Tournament is the most prestigious minor hockey tournament in the world. It takes place in the beautiful city of Quebec, at the Videotron Center and the Pavillon de la Jeunesse, and allows 120 teams from all over the world to enjoy an unforgettable experience each year. Teams all have the chance to play their first game at the Videotron Center. If they lose, they will continue their journey in the «2nd Chance» tournament which takes place at the Pavillon de la Jeunesse. Those who go to the end will participate in the final at the Videotron Center in front of an enthusiastic crowd. Exhibition games and practices are also organized during the twelve days of tournament at our partner arenas (at extra cost). Over 1,000 previous tournament participants have played or are playing in the National Hockey League today. Over 2200 young players (11-12-year-olds) from 15 countries competes at this popular tournament every year in February in the beautiful Canadian city of Quebec, Canada